A320 Primary Flight Display (PFD)
by jerome meriweather

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F/O's PFD (Flags)

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Fixed Airplane Symbol Fixed Airplane Symbol Glide Slope Deviation Index and Localizer Index Glide Slope Deviation Index and Localizer Index Target Altitude or Selected FL Indicator Target Airspeed Pointer Vertical Speed Scale Vertical Speed Scale Flight Mode Annunciations Actual Track Diamond Selected Heading or Track Index ILS Course Pointer Digital Vertical Speed Indication Analog Vertical Speed Pointer Barometric Reference Indication Altitude Indication Pitch Scale Localizer Scale Glide Slope Deviation Scale Bank Angle Limit Indicator Side Slip Index / Beta Target Roll Scale Roll Index ILS Information Mach Number Alpha Protection Speed Minimum Selectable Speed Speed Trend Arrow Actual Airspeed Reference Line Speed Indicators Green Dot Spreed Vmax Overspeed Protection Symbol
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Overspeed Protection Symbol
Indicates in green the speed (Vmo + 6 knots / Mmo + 0.01) at which Overspeed protection activates.
Defined by the lower end of a red and black strip along the speed scale. Represents the lowest of VMC ( or MMC ), VFE, or VLE if the landing gear is extended. Computed by the FACs.
Green Dot Speed
Appears while flying in the clean configuration. Represents the best lift-to-drag, as computed by the FACs.
Actual Airspeed Reference Line
Indicates the actual airspeed where the scale value moves in front of the line. Airspeed indication starts from 30 knots.
Speed Trend Arrow
Starting from the airspeed reference line, points to the speed value which will be attained in 10 seconds if the acceleration remains constant. Appears only when speed difference is greater than two knots. Disappears when speed difference is less than one knot, or if FACs fail
Minimum Selectable Speed (VLS)
Represents 1.13 stall speed (VS) during takeoff or following touch and go as computed by the FACs.
Alpha Protection Speed
Represents the speed corresponding to the angle of attack at which alpha protection activates, as computed in pitch normal law by the FACs.
Mach Number
Displays when number is greater than (.5).
ILS Information
The following appears when an ILS frequency and course have been selected in the MCDU and when the ILS switch on the EFIS control panel is pushed:
Roll Index
Points to angle of bank on roll scale.
Roll Scale
Provides graduations at 0, 10, 20, 30 and 45 degrees of bank.
Side Slip Index / Beta Target
Indicates lateral acceleration on the ground and side slip in flight as provided by ADIRS. Reaches stop at .3Gs.
Bank Angle Limit Indicator
Indicates bank angle limitation in green at ±67° on roll scale. Replaced by amber "X" with loss of normal law.
Glide Slope Deviation Scale
Appears when ILS switch is pushed. Flashes continuously when the deviation exceeds one dot for two seconds or more (above 100 feet RA).
Glide Slope Deviation Index and Localizer Index
Appear when glide slope and localizer signals are valid if deviation scales are displayed.
Pitch Scale
Provides graduations between 80° nose up and 80° nose down with 2.5° increments between 10° nose down and 30° nose up.
Altitude Indication
Displays altitude in green on a white moving scale. "NEG" appears in window to indicate negative altitude. Window changes from yellow to amber if the airplane deviates from the selected altitude or flight level. Numerical value changes from green to amber when the airplane flies below any MDA entered in the MCDU.
Barometric Reference Indication
Indicates that either STD or QNH has been selected as barometric reference.
Analog Vertical Speed Pointer
Displays green. If vertical speed exceeds 2000 feet per minute, pointer positions to end of scale. Speed indicators becoming amber if any of the following occur:
Digital Vertical Speed Indication
Displays green. Disappears when vertical speed is less than 200 feet per minute. Window surrounding indication becomes amber to indicate inertial data has been replaced by barometric information.
ILS Course Pointer
Appears when an ILS frequency and course have been selected and when ILS switch is pushed.
Selected Heading or Track Index
Points to the selected heading or track on the heading scale.
Actual Track Diamond
Indicates the actual track on the heading scale in green.
Flight Mode Annunciations
Displays 5 columns 3 lines of flight mode annunciations and messages.
Vertical Speed Scale
Displays white on grey. Graduated each 500 feet per minute.
Target Airspeed Pointer
Points to the target airspeed value or the airspeed corresponding to the target Mach number. The pointer is magenta when the target airspeed is the value computed by the FMGC in managed speed mode. The pointer is blue when the target airspeed is manually entered on the FMGC or manually entered on the FCU. When the target airspeed is out of the speed tape range, the target speed value is displayed above or below the speed tape in numeric form.
Glide Slope Deviation Index and Localizer Index
Appear when glide slope and localizer signals are valid if deviation scales are displayed.
Fixed Airplane Symbol