747 Primary EICAS
by jerome meriweather

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Primary EICAS Indicators Warning/Caution/Advisory Messages Fuel Indications Cabin Altitude Indications Duct Pressure Indications GEAR Position Indication Flap Indications Inflight Start Envelope Speed Engine Pressure Ratio Low Pressure Rotor Spreed Exhaust Gas Temperature
747 Photo and/or Graphic Element



Exhaust Gas Temperature
Indicates the actual EGT after the EEC is powered, maximum takeoff limits and maximum continuous limits.
Low Pressure Rotor Speed
Displays N1 indications, Nacelle Anti-Ice ( NAI ) status and Wing Anti-Ice ( WAI ) status.
Engine Pressure Ratio
Displays Engine Pressure Ratio indications.
Inflight Start Envelope Speed
Displayed for the present flight level when the FUEL CONTROL switch is in CUTOFF and secondary engine indications are selected.
Flap Indications
GEAR Position Indication
Duct Pressure Indications
Displays Duct Pressure indications.
Cabin Altitude Indications
Displays Cabin Altitude indications.
Fuel Indications
Displays Fuel remaining and temperature.
Warning / Caution / Advisory Messages
Color Codes