747 Landing Gear
by jerome meriweather

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Flap Limit Placard ALTN Flap Selector ALTN Flaps ARM Switch Landing Gear Lever Lock OVRD Switch ALTN Gear Extend Nose/Body, Wing Switches
747 Photo and/or Graphic Element

The Landing Gear consists of four main gear trucks, consisting of two body gear and two wing gear, each with four wheels and a nose gear with two wheels. Hydraulic power for normal Landing Gear operation is supplied by two independent sources, system 1 for the nose and body gear and system 4 for the wing gear.


ALTN Gear Extend Nose/Body, Wing Switches
Lock OVRD Switch
Releases landing gear lever lock if solenoid fails to release lock after liftoff.
Landing Gear Lever
ALTN Flaps ARM Switch
ALTN - Arms the flap electric drive system.
ALTN Flap Selector
Flap Limit Placard
Flap Limit Placard