747 Captain's Navigation Display
by jerome meriweather

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Captain's ND TO/From Indication Position Trend Vector GPS position IRS/FMC Updata Status VNAV Path Pointer and Deviation Scale Weather Radar Returns Plan Route Track Line Expanded Compass Track Orientation, Current Track & Track Reference Wind Bearing, Speed & Direction Arrow DME Distance Distance to active waypoint Receiver Reference Active Waypoint Identifier Active Waypoint ETA True Airspeed Ground Speed
747 Photo and/or Graphic Element

The NDs present selectable plan view color displays of flight progress. The associated electronic flight instrument EFIS control panel allows the pilots to select any of four operating modes for their respective NDs: PLAN, MAP, VOR, and APP. The mode selection indirectly controls the operation of other avionics equipment.


Ground speed (W)
Current groundspeed. Modes - ALL
True Airspeed (W)
Current true airspeed displayed above 100 knots. Modes - ALL
Active Waypoint ETA (W)
Indicates FMC calculated ETA to active waypoint based on current ground speed. Modes - MAP, MAP CTR, PLN
Active Waypoint Identifier (W)
Indicates the active flight plan waypoint (the next waypoint on the route of flight). Modes - MAP, MAP CTR, PLN
Receiver Reference (G)
Indicates the selected receiver as the display reference. Modes - VOR, VOR CTR, APP, APP CTR
Active Waypoint Distance(W)
Distance to active waypoint (W). Modes - MAP, MAP CTR, PLN
DME Distance (W)
Indicates distance to the reference navaid. Modes - VOR, VOR CTR, APP, APP CTR, MAP, MAP CTR
Wind Bearing/Speed (W) And Direction Arrow (W)
Wind Ptr
Indicates wind bearing, wind speed in knots, and wind direction with respect to display orientation and heading/track reference. Modes - ALL
Track orientation (G), current track (W) and track reference (G)
Box displays actual track. Modes - MAP, MAP CTR
Expanded compass
360° are available but only approximately 900 are displayed. Modes - MAP, APP, VOR, PLAN
Present Track line and range scale (W)
Track Line
Displays current track resulting from current heading and winds; displayed in VOR or APP modes when WX radar is selected. Modes - MAP, MAP CTR, VOR, APP
Flight plan route: active (M), modified (W), inactive (B)
The active route is displayed with a continuous line (M) between waypoints. Active route modifications are displayed with short dashes (W) between waypoints. Inactive routes are displayed with long dashes (B) between waypoints. Modes - MAP, MAP CTR, PLN
Weather radar returns (R, A, G, M)
Weather Radar Return
The most intense areas are displayed in red, lesser intensity in amber, and lowest intensity green. Turbulence is displayed in magenta. Modes - MAP, MAP CTR VOR, APP
VNAV path pointer (M) and deviation scale (W)
Vnav Path Pointer and Deviation Scale
Displays vertical deviation from selected VNAV PATH during descent only. Scale indicates +/- 400 feet deviation. Digital display is provided when the pointer indicates more than +/- 400 feet. Modes - MAP, MAP CTR
IRS/FMC Update status (G)
IRS and FMC Updata Status
Displays IRS/FMC update status based on the IRSs. Transition from IRS (3) to any other annunciation highlited by a green box for 10 seconds. Modes - MAP, MAP CTR
GPS position (W)
GPS Position
When the EFIS POS map switch is selected on, indicates GPS position relative to FMC position. Modes - MAP, MAP CTR
Position trend vector (W) (dashed line)
Position Trend Vector
Predicts position at the end of 30, 60, and 90 second intervals. Each segment represents 30 seconds. Based on bank angle and ground speed. Selected range determines the number of segments displayed. For range: Modes - MAP, MAP CTR
To/From Indication (W)
To From Indication
Located near airplane symbol. Displays VOR TO/FROM indicabon. Modes - VOR CTR