747 Captain's Primary Flight Display ( PFD )
by jerome meriweather

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Autothrottle Mode Roll and Pitch Annunciators Command Speed Display Command Speed Bug Current Airspeed Current Mach Airplane Symbol (Right Wing) Airplane Symbol (Left Wing) Horizon Line and Pitch Scale Rising Runway Bottom Localizer and Glide Slop Indicators and Scale Right Localizer and Glide Slop Indicators and Scale Right Pitch Limit Indicator Left Pitch Limit Indicator Approach Reference Approach Course Selected Altitude Selected Altitude Bug Current Altitude Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA) Bugs Barometric Setting Indicator Vertical Speed Pointer Vertical Speed Current Heading Pointer Selected Heading Bugs Track Line Selected Heading Heading/Track Reference
747 Photo and/or Graphic Element

The PFDs present conventional airplane attitude indications, flight director commands and deviation from localizer and glide slope. In addition, there is an airspeed tape on the left side, an altitude tape and vertical speed indicator on the right side, a partial compass rose at the bottom, and flight mode annunciations at the top. Takeoff V speeds, REF speed, minimum and limit speeds, radio altitude and MDA and DH indications can also be displayed. TCAS RA pitch commands are also displayed on the PFD.


Heading/Track Reference
Displays the automatic or manually selected Heading Reference.
Selected Heading
Displays Heading selected in Heading window on the MCP.
Track Line
Indicates the current FMC Track.
Selected Heading Bugs
Indicates MCP selected Heading.
Heading/Track Indications
Indicates current IRS heading.
Vertical Speed
Vertical Speed Pointer
Indicates current IRS Vertical Speed.
Barometric Setting Indicator
Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA) Bugs
Indicates the MDA Altitude as selected on the associated EFIS control panel and is referenced to MSL.
Current Altitude
Selected Altitude Bug
Selected Altitude
Approach Course
Indicates selected Approach Course provided by the FMC.
Approach Reference
Displays selected ILS identifier or ILS frequency if not identified.
Pitch Limit Indicator
Indicates Pitch Limit at which stick shaker occurs for the existing flight conditions.
Localizer and Glide Slop Indicators and Scale
At low altitudes with autopilot engaged, scale changes to amber and indicators flash for excessive glide slope or localizer deviation.

At low altitudes with LNAV engaged and LOC armed but not captured, localizer scale changes to amber and the indicator flashes for localizer not captured alert.
Rising Runway
Displayed below 1000 feet radio altitude and localizer indicator in view. Rises toward the airplane symbol below 200 feet radio altitude.
Horizon Line and Pitch Scale
Indicates the IRS Horizon relative to the airplane symbol.
Airplane Symbol
Indicates Airplane Attitude
Current Mach
Displays current computed Mach.
Current Airspeed
Indicates current air data computed Airspeed.
Command Speed Bug
Command Speed Display
Displays the Airspeed selected in the MCP IAS/MACH window or the FMC computed Airspeed/Mach when the window is blank.
Roll and Pitch Annunciators
Indicate TO/GA and TO/GA switches are pushed.
Autothrottle Mode
Pushing either or both TO/GA switches twice, initiates windshear guidance. The throttles will advance to maximum EPR and all derates will be removed.