747 Standby Attitude, Airspeed &
Altitude Indicators
by jerome meriweather

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BARO Knob Altitude Setting Indicator Altitude Pointer Altitude Indicator Airspeed Indicator Caging Knob Attitude Flag
747 Photo and/or Graphic Element



Attitude Flag
Indicates attitude is unreliable.
Caging Knob
Cages self-contained gyro when pulled. Adjusts fixed airplane reference when rotated without pulling.
Airspeed Indicator
Indicates uncorrected Airspeed from the No. 1 auxiliary pitot and alternate static sources.
Altimeter Indicator
Indicates uncorrected Altimeter from the alternate static source.
Altimeter Pointer
Indicates uncorrected Altimeter in hundreds of feet. One full rotation equals 1000 feet. An electric vibrator is installed to reduce mechanical friction errors and improve instrument response.
Altimeter Setting Indicator
Indicates selected Altimeter setting in hectopascals and inches of mercury.
Adjusts Altimeter setting.