747 Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)
by jerome meriweather

Inward to AFDS
Outward to Master

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Right VOR/ADF Switch Left VOR/ADF Switch MAP Switches ND Range Selector ND Mode Selector BARO Selector MTRS Button DH/MDA
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MTRS Button
BARO Selector
ND Mode Selector
ND Range Selector
Selects the desired range in nautical miles on the respective ND. Also selects range of the weather radar. If 640nm is selected, the radar display will format at half scale.
MAP Switches
Add additional selected data to the respective NDs. Switches may be selected simultaneously. An additional push removes the information.
VOR/ADF Switch
Displays VOR / ADF pointer and frequency, identifier, DME on the lower right corner of respective ND. OFF position removes the ADF and VOR displays.