747 Electrical
by jerome meriweather

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Electrical Control Panel APU GEN Switch 2 APU GEN Switch 1 EXT PWR Switch 2 EXT PWR Switch 1 Drive DISC Switches GEN CONT Switches BUS TIE Switches Battery Switch APU Selector Utility Power Switches Standby Power Selector
747 Photo and/or Graphic Element



Standby Power Selector
Utility Power Switches
APU Selector
Battery Switch
BUS TIE Switches
GEN CONT Switches
Drive DISC Switches
Disconnect the IDG from the engine. Can only be reconnected on the ground.
EXT PWR Switches
Open or close the External power contactor if the AVAIL light is on.
APU GEN Switches
Open or close the auxiliary power breaker if the AVAIL light is on.