747 Lower Engine Indicating &
Crew Alerting System ( EICAS )
by jerome meriweather

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Vibration Source Oil Quantity Display Oil Temperature Indicator/Display Oil Pressure Indicator/Display Fuel Flow Display Fuel-On Indicator Maximum N2 Limit N2 Indicator/Display
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N2 Indicator/Display
Indicates actual N2. Displays white while in the normal operating range. Changes to red on reaching maximum limit.
Maximum N2 Limit
Indicates the maximum allowable N2.
Fuel-On Indicator
Indicates the minimum N2 rpm at which the FUEL CONTROL switch may be moved to RUN during Engine Start.
Fuel Flow Display
Displays Fuel Flow to the engine (lbs/hr x 1000).
Oil Pressure Indicator/Display
Indicators Oil Pressure in digital and vertical scale format.
Oil Temperature Indicator/Display
Indicators Oil Temperature after the EEC is powered.
Oil Quantity Display
Displays usable Oil Quantity in U.S. quarts
Vibration Source
Indicates the Vibration Source displayed. Displays source with the highest Vibration: