747 Interphone Selector
by jerome meriweather

Up to Rudder/Aileron
Left to Seatbelts or EVAC
Right to Printer
Down to Handset

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Interphone Keys RST Switch Interphone Station Indicator NXT Switch
747 Photo and/or Graphic Element

The cabin Interphone system permits communication between the flight deck and Flight Attendant stations. The cabin Interphone system is accessed by using the boom or oxygen mask microphone, the hand microphone, or the pilot's Interphone handset, located behind the Control Pedestal. Interphone system calls from the flight deck to Flight Attendant stations are prioritized according to the code dialed.


NXT Switch
Connects the cockpit with the next caller. If no other calls, scrolls through the interphone code directory.
Station Indicator Window
Displays location and code for station calling or being called.
RST Switch
Cancels call or incorrectly selected code.
Select the two digit code for the respective station or PA area. Selected station or PA area is displayed in the station indicator.