747 Weather Radar
by jerome meriweather

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Left to Capt's Radio
Right to F/O's Radio
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TURB DET Switch and Lights Tilt Knob Function Selector GND RTN Switch System Transfer Switch
747 Photo and/or Graphic Element

Two "C-band" color radar systems are installed. Radar returns can be added to either or both navigation displays in all modes except PLN, VOR CTR and APP CTR modes. Selecting the range for the navigation display on the EFIS control panel also selects the same range for the radar returns.


System Transfer Switch
Selects either receiver/transmitter L or R for operation.
GND RTN Switch
Function Selector
Function selector position is displayed on left side of ND when in any position except NORM.
Tilt Knob
Controls antenna Tilt angle with reference to horizon. Tilt angle is displayed on left side of ND. Notch on knob skirt is the index. Clockwise rotation provides Tilt up, and counterclockwise rotation provides Tilt down.
TURB DET Switch and Lights