747 Seatbelts, No Smoking Signs &
Other Functions
by jerome meriweather

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Seatbelts Selector NO Smoking Selector FLT Deck Door Switch OBS Audio ENT Switch Crew Rest Call Switch LAV PRI Button Crew Rest Call Light LAV PRI ON Light
747 Photo and/or Graphic Element



Comes on to indicate the forward upper deck Lavatory door is locked with LAV PRI mechanism.
Crew Rest Call Light
Comes on when a Crew Rest area, either UPR or LWR BUNK is called Goes off when the associated area responds to the call.
LAV PRI Button
Turns on the ON light on the passenger sign module and activate a lock on the forward upper deck Lavatory for crew use. The lock does not prevent opening the Lavatory door from the inside.
Crew Rest Call Switch
When held momentarily to UPR/LWR BUNK, will turn on the CALL light on the passenger sign module and turn on a light and sound a chime in the associated Crew Rest area. When the Crew Rest area responds, the CALL Light on the passenger sign module will go off. Toggle switch is spring loaded to center.
OBS Audio ENT Switch
Allows receiver selected on the First Observer's Audio control panel to be broadcast on channel 14 of the Audio entertainment system.
FLT Deck Door Switch
NO Smoking Selector
Seatbelts Selector