777 Thrust Controls
by jerome meriweather

Outward To  CCD  or  Brakes  or  ALTN Flaps 
Down To  Fuel  or  STAB 

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Flaps Speed Brake Alternate Pitch Trim Reverse Thrust Levers Throttle Control
777 Photo and/or Graphic Element



C/R Stabilizer CutOut Switch
Fuel Switch and Fire Warning Lights
Reverse Thrust Levers
The Reverse Thrust Levers can be raised only when the throttles are in idle. When the Reverse Thrust Levers are raised to the interlock position:
>Alternate Pitch Trim
Primary Pitch Trim control is located on the Control Wheel. Both Alternate Pitch Trim levers must be moved to command trim changes. These levers move the trim reference airspeed and also move the stabilizer directly. The Alternate Pitch Trim commands have priority over wheel pitch trim commands in all flight control modes.
Speed Brakes
All 14 spoiler panels function as speedbrakes to increase drag and decrease lift in flight and on the ground. Pulling the Speed Brake Handle down in 3 positions:
The airplane has an inboard and an outboard flap on the trailing edge of each wing. Three modes of flap operation are possible: